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CHEER recognizes the challenges young people face as they mature in our society. There are demands on their time and focus that we're not a part of growing up 20 years ago.
CHEER strives to guide the emotional development of our young friends through a healthy interaction with horses. By offering this interaction, CHEER will provide a foundation of life lessons aimed at allowing people to navigate their future with dignity, grace and caring.
CHEER has a mission and a goal to help manage growth and has an eye to create happy children and content horses which is the primary vision of CHEER.
CHEER will utilize the unique human-equestrian interaction in a collarborative endeavor to enrich the emotional lives of our friends by:
*Teaching selflessness through caring of others
*Fostering self-confidence through nonjudgemental relationships
*Discovering self-reliance through doing
*Promoting self-esteem through healthy interdepedence
*Instilling pride through accomplishment
*Developing accountability through responsibility
*Encouraging enthusiasm for life through wholesome challenge
*Cultivating patience through understanding

Debbie Manser owner of Cheers Horse Ranch, LLC  is dedicated to helping horses and children of all ages.....  come visit and feel at "home on the ranch"!


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Visit my friends place at The Griffin Ranch in Fort McCoy, FL!  You can bring your own horse or ride one of theirs, and stay in the beautiful cottages or camp on site!